14:0014:15Horst LichterOpening
Session A: Tools / Chair Horst Lichter
14:1514:45Anja Kleebaum, Jan Ole Johanssen, Barbara Paech and Bernd BrueggeTool Support for Decision and Usage Knowledge in Continuous Software Engineering#1presenter #3
14:4515:15Andreas Steffens, Horst Lichter and Marco MoscherTowards Data-driven Continuous Compliance Testing#2presenter #1
15:1515:45Coffee Break
Session B: Panel / Chair Andreas Steffens
15:4516:15Nelson Tavares de Sousa, Wilhelm Hasselbring, Tobias Weber and Dieter KranzlmüllerDesigning a Generic Research Data Infrastructure Architecture with Continuous Software Engineering
#3presenter #2
16:1517:15Horst Lichter- Discussion & Summary
- Teaching CSE
18:30Joint Dinner at Ratskeller in the city of Ulm (self-paying)

Format of the Workshop

In order to have an interesting and interactive event sharing lots of experience, we organize the workshop presentations as follows:

  • Papers are presented by one of the authors. After the presentation a discussant starts the discussion based on her/his pre-formulated questions. Therefore the discussant has to prepare a set of questions and has to know the details of the presented paper.
  • There is a slot of 30 minutes per paper.
  • The author of a paper has 20 minutes to present the paper.
  • After that, the discussant of the paper has 5 minutes to open the discussion using her/ his questions.
  • Finally, 5 minutes remain for questions and discussion among the whole audience.